How Has Your Business Changed During Covid-19?

When you have limited staff and/or limited access to your office, e-Pay is essential for working remotely, and for regular operations. How will you be prepared for

the future, post-Covid-19?



How much time do your employees spend handling title premium checks? Could that time be more effectively utilized? 

(CFPB has approved ACH debits and wires for the use of e-Pay CLICK HERE)


You could be saving $$$ a year
just on checks. 


- One check offers savings on check orders

- Save time on issues reflected on audit reports

- Save time and money on Positive Pay exceptions and banking fees

- Lost checks require you to stop payment and reissue new ones
- Stale remittance checks cause issues with audits

- Statements have errors, with e-pay you have the ability to make adjustments

- Processing manually is prone to errors


"I love it!!!! It was very user friendly and it generated the reports I needed. I really like it and I will continue to use this to remit my polices. Overall this is awesome!!!!" - Current Chicago Title Agent

"That was fast! This takes less time than writing a check.  The entire process from policy creation with e-signature, image upload, and premium remittance by wire was handled remotely.  No trip to the office required.  Today’s payment is already showing in our agentTRAX profile.  No more waiting on checks to clear the lockbox."- Current Chicago Title Agent




Vendor Identification Numbers:

Chicago Title Company:  D362468956

Commonwealth Land Title:  D221253755



If sending payment checks by couriers such as UPS and FedEx, please send payments to:

Chicago Title Insurance Company                         Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company

Xerox c/o BMO Harris                                               Xerox c/o BMO Harris

LBX 95594                                                                LBX 39754

141 W. Jackson Blvd Suite 1000                              141 W. Jackson Blvd Suite 1000

Chicago, IL  60604                                                    Chicago, IL  60604

Note:   Please include your Agent Number on your checks, which can be found in the top right corner of your statement.  Please contact your Agency Representative is you have any questions.